1. How do you remote control my device?

We have integrated into our system one of the most common remote control software "Team viewer". Using this highly secure platform we are taking over your device only after you confirm and allow us to do so. We can assure you that we cannot upload or download any of your files. We are also recording

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2. Why do I need to pay before the ticket is complete?

It is true that you need to place your credit card details before ticket is done. But we only charge you 48 hours after you confirm the repair. During these 48 hours you get a full warranty and your credit card details are not compromised since they are been held only by the credit card

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3. Can you support my device?

We can support any on line connected device. It can be your PC , Laptop , Smart phone , Notebook etc. We only need your device to be connected. We support all operation systems like Windows, Mac, Android, Appel devices, Linux.

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5. How can I activate the warranty to my ticket?

We are providing 48 hours of full warranty. You can activate the warranty within 48 hours after the ticket is done by clicking "Warranty" at your ticket history. Your technician will contact you by Phone or SMS and will make sure you are available to solve your problem. Once you are on line your technician

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6. Can I cancel a ticket?

You can cancel your ticket until the stage of which you have confirmed the repair. In this case we will not charge your credit card. We would like to get your feedback and understand how we can do better next time .

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7. Can I select my technician?

Based on your selection at the "define your problem" stage we are finding the best technician suitable for your needs. The system is automatically selecting the top 3 ranked technicians that are currently on line and meet your requirements. You can always review their details, Change our recommendations and select other technicians or preferred technicians

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