About Us

About Tweexit

Founded in July, 2017 by Ofer Weinberg , Nimrod Klianman and Avi Shmueli Tweexit strives to change the way users of connected devices get support.

The company introduces an innovative approach, based on the sharing economy concept, to provide service through an international arena which will link customers requiring technical support and service providers.

The marketplace will allow customers to receive on demand service 24/7 by technicians who are available to take control of their device remotely and support them in a short time, high quality, securely and with very competitive fixed prices.

The Team

Ofer Weinberg

Co Founder and CEO

20 years of experience as CEO of IT services company
BA Economics & MBA

Nimrod Kleinman

Co Founder and CTO

20 years of experience as CTO of IT services company
BA Computer Science

Avi Shmueli

CO Founder and COO

20 years of experience as VP Operation at Hi Tech companies
B.S.C Industrial Eng. and MBA

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