Having problems with your computer or smartphone?
Why wait until tomorrow if we can fix it right now?

24/7 worldwide technical support with just one click, your security and confidentiality are guarantied!

How Tweexit works

Define the Problem

You need only two clicks to define your problem.
We can support you with almost any problem you may encounter, even if you're not sure how to define it.

Select an expert from our team

Go ahead and choose a professional from our team.You can look at their ratings and reviews. All of them are carefully chosen by us.

Let's fix your problem!

Our technician will connect your device remotely, diagnose the problem and confirm it with you.
Once all is set, he will start working. Easy as that!

No payment until satisfied

Your satisfaction is important to us. Once the repair is done you get 48 Hours warranty, only then ,we go ahead and charge your credit card.

360 degrees secured service

Your security is our number one priority, that is why all of our technicians are carefully selected by us, and go through a very strict process beforehand.
We will never ask you for any password or any sensitive information!
In addition - our technicians cannot download or upload any files from or to your device.
All the sessions are video recorded so you can go back and review it again at any time.
If at any point during the session you don’t feel comfortable, you can end the session right away.

Around the clock technical support

Have an important meeting tomorrow but your Power-Point stopped working? Can’t get your tablet to work? Your computer’s software just crashed? No problem!
We are available at any time, any day, with no exceptions.
As soon as you face a problem – contact us with just one click, you will not need to wait for a call back from us, our expert are waiting for you and will solve your issue right away.

Around the globe technical support

No matter where you are around the world, we can support all languages!
Our service is available for anyone any place.
You can pick a local technician or one from another country, you can open your data card at night and get support from an expert located in a different time zone

Supporting any online device

Computers, smartphones, tablets...we can help you out with any issue you have on any online device, with any browser and operation system, as long as it has a working web connection.

Even if you have some problems or questions about setting up a smart TV, smart home system, a personal assistance or any other web connected device you own and need technical support or guidance.

What Our Customers Says About Us

Stephanie Wedner (33, Marketing manager, Minneapolis)

I had a HUGE presentation due for work, but of course my Power-Point stopped working the night before!!!
It was late and I knew that Tweexit provide 24/7 service and decided to give it a try.
They were great! Alex, the tech support guy, knew right away what the problem was and fixed my Power-Point in no time. Obviously, I gave him and Tweexit 5 stars!

Colin Duve (43, Broker from Manhattan)

Thank you Tweexit for saving my time and money and helping me fix my iPad in no time, right when I needed it!

Jeremy Stark (28, Freelance designer, Boston)

Murphy’s law - my computer crashed right as I was writing a paper due the next day. I didn’t have time to run out and get it fixed, so I went online and contacted Tweexit. It was great to see how things worked right away and how I saved so much time (and money!!) because I didn’t have to leave my dorms.

Veronica Hess (62,Library volunteer, Detroit)

My computer was giving me a hard time and one of my kids recommended I get in touch with Tweexit. At first I was nervous and wasn’t sure how it works, but setting up the session was so easy, even for me! The nice technician was able to fix the problem quickly and with a smile and a lot of patience. Thank you so much Tweexit!